Holly, Adam, and Javier wrap up Part 2 of their discussion with Catholic missionary Meg Hunter-Kilmer about the Eucharist. This time we talk about the intimacy of Jesus in the Eucharist, God’s Love shown in the Eucharist, Black Catholics and Faithfulness, and young people and the Eucharist.


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Meg Hunter-Kilmer
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Contributor for Enkindle: Family Scripture Reflections

Meg Hunter-Kilmer is an itinerant missionary and storyteller who travels the world telling people about the fierce and tender love of God. You can read more of her work in Saints Around the World (an international Saint storybook for children) or Pray for Us: 75 Saints who Sinned, Suffered, and Struggled on Their Way to Holiness.

Adam Novotny
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I came, I saw, I drank.

Holly Novotny

Holly Novotny is a convert to the Catholic faith and a wife and mother. A Lifetime Marian Servant, Holly embraces a Rule of Life focused on holiness, obedience, and humble service. As a graduate of the Cenacle School of Spirituality, in affiliation with Franciscan University of Steubenville, she holds a Certificate of Spiritual Direction and accompanies others in their spiritual journey and through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Javier Plumey
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Owner of Numinous FM, science fiction writer, worship leader, IT Architect, theorist, grammarian, iOS developer, move and shaker.