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ENKINDLE: Family Scripture Reflections is a weekly family scripture reflection podcast designed for families with kids in elementary school and up.

Short and practical scripture reflections on the Sunday Mass readings draw families deeper into the Word of God. The messages are easy to digest, practical, and made for the whole family to enjoy.

ENKINDLE is offered as a service of Ablaze Family Ministries

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Enkindle 219 – 07.14.24 – Go and Bring Peace

In this reflection for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Adam Novotny encourages us to go confidently wherever the Lord is leading us to bring His peace.

Enkindle 218 – 07.07.24 – Room to Grow

In this reflection for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Rebecca Dougherty reflects on how God’s power is perfected in human weakness and on the value of growth through challenges.

Enkindle 217 – 06.30.24 – Jesus Restores

Javier Plumey reflects on the theme of restoration through Jesus, and encourages us to increase our faith through reading the Bible, prayer, and gratitude.

Enkindle 216 – 06.23.24 – Classroom of Life

Fr. Erik Arnold shows how Jesus as a Master Teacher uses daily life to teach us how to enter into the kingdom of God and to enjoy the fullness of life.

Enkindle 215 – 06.16.24 – Every Small Moment

In this reflection for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Kristen Fisher discusses God’s transformative power, likening it to a mustard seed, and encourages small, daily acts of faith to foster the growth of God’s love in our lives.

Enkindle 214 – 06.09.24 – Speak, Lord

In this reflection for the Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Adam Novotny reflects on recognizing and listening to God’s voice in our lives.

Enkindle 213 – 06.02.24 – A Grand Plan

In this reflection for the Feast of Corpus Christi, Rebecca Dougherty reminds us that the plans of the Lord for each of us are profound, and that they are filled with peace and joy.

Enkindle 212 – 05.26.24 – Praying to the Trinity

In this reflection for the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, Fr. Erik Arnold encourages us to deepen our prayer life through personal and direct communication with each person of the Trinity.

Enkindle 211 – 05.19.24 – Giver of Gifts

In this reflection for Pentecost Sunday, Kristen highlights the significance of the Holy Spirit in our own lives and on using the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the good of others.