How to Use Enkindle (+) Companions

The Enkindle (+) Family Scripture Companions are intended to help you and your family dive a little deeper into the Word of God.  

Each guide consists of two parts: a high-quality text version of the audio reflection offered in the Enkindle: Family Scripture Reflections podcast, and a parent guide that includes discussion questions and activities.

Printable Text Reflection

You can use the printable text reflection any way you want.

  • Print out the reflection to include it in a Mass or Scripture Journal
  • If you or anyone in your family prefers to read the reflection instead of listening to it via the podcast, you can print this out and give it someone to read
  • Pin the reflection up somewhere in your home where anyone can read it
  • Email the reflection to a friend or family member who might be inspired by a particular reflection

Parent Guide

  • A list of discussion questions that can help you and your family discuss the reflection. These questions are not very theological and designed to help your family engage in conversation around the scriptures. Each question also comes with some prompts to help you get the conversation started. 
  • A list of simple activities your family can do to have fun and engage with the reflection topic. These activities are simple ways you can tie the discussion and the reflection into a fun family adventure that will create lasting memories.

The parent guide also contains QR code links to the podcast reflection and to the USCCB readings for the reflection scriptures. Just point your smart phone at the code and you’ll be prompted to go directly to the sites.

We hope these companions serve as a powerful tool to help you and your family dive deeper into the Word of God. If you ever have any comments, thoughts, suggestions, or need help using them, please reach out to us at