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Every week, hundreds of families gather together to listen to the reflections offered by the amazing contributors on Enkindle: Family Scripture Reflections. These are families who have a passion for the Word of God because they’ve seen what God’s word can do in the lives of their families. Ablaze Family Ministries and Numinous FM have partnered together to give these families even more tools to help Enkindle listeners grow in their love and understanding of Scripture.

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The Enkindle Family Scripture Companion

The Enkindle (+) Family Scripture Companion is a weekly printable text version of the reflections offered by the Enkindle contributors. We’ve taken the audio of the reflection and converted them to a format that’s suitable for reading. Not everyone in your family may be an auditory learner, so the printable reflection, along with a simpler, plain text version available only to Enkindle (+) members on the Numinous FM web site, is for those visual thinkers.

The Family Scripture Companion also contains a parents discussion and activity guide, offering you four simple discussion starters to help you and your family make the reflection, and the Sunday readings, personal and real in your life. These questions are designed to help your family engage in conversation around the scriptures. Each question also comes with some prompts to help you get the conversation started.

The guide also includes two suggestions for family activities your family can do to have fun and engage with the reflection topic. You’ll be able to download the companions and use them however you wish, including sharing them with your friends and family. They are yours to keep forever.

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Exclusive Access to Enkindle Contributors

Every month we will host a members-only video conference with one or more Enkindle contributors. This is an excellent opportunity for you to bring your questions about the reflections directly to the contributors. Everyone in your family is welcome to join in, ask questions, and be a part of the discussion. Contributors will also listen to your feedback about the reflections and offer insights into how to get the most of them. It’s also a fun time to hang out with the contributors and learn more about their backgrounds.

Access to the Numinous FM Community Discord

Enkindle (+) Members have access to the Numinous FM Discord Server where you can chat and hang out with other Enkindle families. We hope to build this into a vibrant community of like-minded families who love the faith and the Word of God. Our Discord will feature voice chat channels and text channels on everything from questions on the Bible to sharing your favorite recipes.

Access to the Enkindle (+) Members Only Podcast

The Enkindle (+) Podcast will be a monthly podcast available only to Enkindle (+) members and will feature discussions on raising families who love scripture. Hosted by Numinous FM producer Javier Plumey and Director of Ablaze Family Ministries Kristen Fisher, the podcast will offer insights to help you and your family grow in your love of Scripture. We will provide an overview of the readings for the month ahead, giving you a “game plan” in your approach to integrating Scripture into your family life.

Freebies and Giveaways

Every month we will be giving away a free resource to one lucky Enkindle (+) member. It might be a book, access to a special downloadable resource, a journal, or some other cool thing to help our families grow in love of Scripture.

No Risk Access

Every Enkindle (+) Membership comes with a 30 day FREE trial and you can cancel the membership at any time, no questions asked.

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