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ENKINDLE: Family Scripture Reflections is a weekly family scripture reflection podcast designed for families with kids in elementary school and up.

Short and practical scripture reflections on the Sunday Mass readings draw families deeper into the Word of God. The messages are easy to digest, practical, and made for the whole family to enjoy.

ENKINDLE is offered as a service of Ablaze Family Ministries

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Enkindle 92 – 02.06.22 – Don’t Play it Safe

Fr. Erik Arnold challenges us to not play it safe when it comes to our relationship with Jesus. Do something crazy as you follow Jesus.

Enkindle 91 – 01.30.22 – All You Need is Love

Adam Novotny leads us in a reflection to look at our hearts and see how we might better imitate in our own lives the ways that God loves us.

Enkindle 90 – 01.23.22 – No Benchwarmers

Kristen Fisher challenges us to step up and get off the bench! We each have a unique and particular way that Jesus is calling us to participate in His mission.

Enkindle 89 – 01.16.22 – Everything to Jesus

In this reflection for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022, Kristen Fisher reminds us that we can go to Jesus with every care and concern, and that our Mother Mary trusts her son so much that she can take these things to him for us.

Enkindle 88 – 01.09.22 – Ultimate Crossover Event

In this reflection for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, Javier Plumey takes a look at the incredible event of the Baptism of the Lord, and reminds us that just as the baptism of Jesus introduced to the world Jesus as the son of God, so too does our own baptism announce to the world, physical and spiritual, that we are children of the Father.

Enkindle 87 – 01.02.22 – Light in the Darkness

In this reflection for the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, 2022, Meg Hunter-Kilmer inspires us to imagine the scene at the manger and to gaze in awe at the Light which has been brought into the world.

Enkindle 86 – 12.26.21 – Bear with One Another

In this reflection for the Feast of the Holy Family, Fr. Erik Arnold reminds us that the family is the place where we really learn how to love, and that the Holy Spirit can help us let the peace of Jesus control our hearts and to learn how to bear with one another.

Enkindle 85 – 12.25.21 – Christmas 2021

In this reflection for the Nativity of the Lord, Christmas, 2021, Colin MacIver shows how each of the different set of Gospels for Christmas reveal a unique aspect of the mystery of Christmas for us to reflect on this year.

Enkindle 84 – 12.19.21 – Part of the Story

In this reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Kristen Fisher encourages us to see how blessed we are to be a part of the story that started thousands of years ago and continues to this day–the story of how God draws us ever closer to himself.