Enkindle Lenten Series – 2 – He Loved Us First

In part 2 of our special Lenten Series for 2021, Kristen Fisher reminds us that God pursues us with love, and that all of the sacrifices we make during Lent are meant to help us receive a gift that he’s already giving us.

Enkindle 42 – 02.28.21 – A Father’s Love

In this reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent 2021, Fr. Erik Arnold reminds us that we are the treasure and prize of God’s heart, and that he pours out his love for us at baptism, and every day, to make us his adopted sons and daughters.


Enkindle 41 – 02.21.21 – Believe in the Gospel

Dan DeMatte from Damascus Catholic Mission Campus shares with us an exciting vision of how our decision to believe in the Gospel allows God to move in our lives in a powerful way. Jesus wants to change our lives this season of Lent, and the readings for the first Sunday of Lent challenge us to repent and believe in the Gospel.


Enkindle Lenten Series Intro – Making Room for Love

This special edition of Enkindle: Family Scripture Reflections kicks off our 7-part series for Lent. In this introductory reflection, Kristen Fisher show us that because Jesus matters most, we need to make room in our “interior dwelling” for him to come and fill us with his Love, so that we may also reflect that love those around us.

Enkindle 40 – 02.14.21 – In Times of Trouble

In this episode for the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 2021, Kristen Fisher shows us that Jesus is powerful enough to help us in times of trouble. And He is also loving enough to want to help us. He’s actually the only Person who is both, powerful and loving, all of the time, in every situation.


Enkindle 39 – 02.07.21 – Everyone’s Looking for Jesus

Colin and Aimee MacIver show us that everyone suffers and looks for answers to the problems and trials we face during life, and that ultimately we can only find true answers, and true healing, in the person of Jesus Christ.


Enkindle 38 – 01.31.21 – Harden Not Your Hearts

In this reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021, Deacon Steve Sarnecki shows that the words of Jesus, who himself is the Living Word of God, is powerful, effective, and that when he speaks to us with authority, we should stop grumbling, soften our hearts, and allow his Word to transform us.


Enkindle 37 – 01.24.21 – Drop Everything Moment

Colin and Aimee MacIver show how the readings for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time are inviting us to “drop everything” to answer the call of Jesus to follow him. The only other thing that get us to drop everything on the spot besides something terrible would be something wonderful, and there is nothing more wonderful than Jesus.


  1. The Catechist’s Field Guide to Confirmation, by Colin MacIver – https://ascensionpress.com/products/the-catechists-field-guide-to-confirmation
  2. Theology of the Body for Teens, Middle School Edition, Colin & Aimee MacIver, contributors – https://ascensionpress.com/products/theology-of-the-body-for-teens-middle-school-edition-student-pack-includes-online-course-access
  3. Baptism: Belonging in the Family of God, Parent’s Guide, Colin & Aimee MacIver, authors – https://ascensionpress.com/products/belonging-parents-guide-1
  4. Quick Catholic Lessons with Fr. Mike Schmitz – https://ascensionpress.com/collections/quick-catholic-lessons-with-fr-mike-vol-2

Enkindle 36 – 01.17.2021 – Learning His Voice

In this reflection for the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2021, Father Erik Arnold shows that God wants to speak to us all the time, at every moment, and that we need to learn to hear to his voice, just as Samuel had to learn when the Lord was calling him. This reflection offers inspirational and practical ways to help your family learn to hear the voice of God.


Enkindle 35 – 01.10.21 – Jesus Changes Everything

In this reflection for the Baptism of the Lord, 2021, Kristen Fisher reminds us that because of our baptism, we are changed. Everything Jesus touches, he changes. But it’s at baptism when we go from being God’s beautiful creation, to being God’s beautiful child. And just like Jesus changed the dark and dirty cave to a glowing sanctuary, so too can He change us forever.