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Redeemer: the official podcast of the Marian Servants® of the Redeemer

Life is rough, we get it. It’s messy and sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to live a life of holiness, obedience, and humble servanthood when things like parenting, jobs, and the grind of daily life get in the way.

Join host Javier Plumey and Adam Novotny, director of the Marian Servants® of the Redeemer community, as they candidly share how modeling Mary’s example of holiness, obedience, and service, can lead us into deeper waters of faith and draw us closer to the fulfilled life God intends for us to live.

This is the official podcast of the Servants of the Redeemer, Inc. community, a Baltimore-area community chapter of the Marian Servants of Divine Providence®, a Public Association of the Christian Faithful, founded in Clearwater, FL in 1987.

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