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ENKINDLE: Family Scripture Reflections is a weekly family scripture reflection podcast designed for families with kids in elementary school and up.

Short and practical scripture reflections on the Sunday Mass readings draw families deeper into the Word of God. The messages are easy to digest, practical, and made for the whole family to enjoy.

ENKINDLE is offered as a service of Ablaze Family Ministries

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Enkindle 08 – 07-12-2020 No Duds in God’s Word

This reflection is for the readings for the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 12th 2020. On this episode Kristen Fisher explains that the parable of the seed and the sower shows how God’s word is powerful, reaches everyone, and that we need to make our hearts good soil to let it change us.

Enkindle 07 – 07-05-2020 True Rest in Him

This reflection is for the readings for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 5th 2020. On this episode Clay Bonham and Scott Oesterle show us how we can have true rest when we partner with Jesus and take on his meek and humble heart to serve and love others.

Enkindle 06 – 06-28-2020 A Strong Foundation

This reflection is for the readings for the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, June 28 2020. On this episode Fr. Erik Arnold shows how Jesus wants us to love him with all our heart, so that love can be a foundation to letting us love others as he loves us.

Enkindle 05 – 06-21-2020 Fear

In the reflection Kristen shares about spiders, fear, and how Jesus is calling us to trust him more than we trust our fears.

Enkindle 04 – Corpus Christi 2020

Fr. Arnold explains how the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ is really about a very special kind of remembering where we time travel to the last supper.

Enkindle 03 – Holy Trinity June 7 2020

Who else is going to be there? In this episode of ENKINDLE, Kristen Fisher breaks down the Trinity in a way your family can understand: as a relationship in which God invites us all.

Enkindle 02 – Pentecost May 31 2020

Fr. Erik Arnold shows how the Lord gives us three familiar images of the Holy Spirit to help us learn about the nature of the Holy Spirit, and what God wants to do for us through these aspects of the Holy Spirit.

Enkindle 01 – Welcome

ENKINDLE opens up the Scriptures to the family in a way that is relevant to young and old alike The episode introduces the podcast, with a quick background on Ablaze Family Ministries, and some simple ways you can use this podcast to help your family develop a richer love and understanding of Scripture.