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ENKINDLE: Family Scripture Reflections is a weekly family scripture reflection podcast designed for families with kids in elementary school and up.

Short and practical scripture reflections on the Sunday Mass readings draw families deeper into the Word of God. The messages are easy to digest, practical, and made for the whole family to enjoy.

ENKINDLE is offered as a service of Ablaze Family Ministries

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Enkindle 54 – 05.23.21 – Heroes in His Church

In this reflection for Pentecost Sunday, 2021, Fr. Erik Arnold reminds us that God wants to raise heroes in his church who are ready to change the world through the power of his love through the Holy Spirit.

Enkindle 53 – 05.16.21 – Barque of Peter

In this reflection for the Ascension Sunday, Kristen Fisher shows that we aren’t just passengers on our journey with Christ, but that in the life of the Church, which is like a boat, we each have a unique job to spread His love and invite others to know Him.

Enkindle 52 – 05.09.21 – This is the Way

In this reflection for the 6th Sunday of Easter, Kristen Fisher shows us that Love is so central to EVERYTHING that we find that word, LOVE, 19 times in the readings and acclamation for this Sunday.

Enkindle 51 – 05.02.21 – Connected

Colin and Aimee MacIver reflect on the vine and the branches and how we are connected and sometimes pruned by, Jesus and what he says to us.

Enkindle 50 – 04.25.2021 – The More Than Good Shepherd

In this reflection for the 4th Sunday of Easter, Fr. Erik Arnold shows us that Jesus is not just simply “good”, but also noble, admirable, praise-worthy, and heroic, and that we can come to know just how amazing his love is for us by speaking to him from our hearts in prayer.

Enkindle 49 – 04.18.2021 – Open Our Eyes

In this reflection for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, Kristen Fisher shows us that the readings this week challenge us to recognize Jesus when he shows up in our real lives, and when we do, recognizing Him fills us with joy.

Enkindle 48 – 04.11.2021 – Divine Mercy

In this reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday, Colin MacIver of Ascension Press encourages us to look at the wounds of the resurrected Christ and remember that the mercy of Christ radiates from those wounds to the entire Church. SHOW...

Enkindle Lenten Series – 7 – All For You

In this final reflection in our family Lenten Series for 2021, Kristen Fisher reminds us that Jesus CHOSE to suffer and die for each of us, so what we might join him in eternity and have him dwell in our hearts today.

Enkindle 47 – 04.04.21 – Easter People

In this family scripture reflection for Easter Sunday 2021, Kristen Fisher reminds us that Jesus is victorious over death and shares that victory with us, giving us the hope we need to live our lives in joy and in confidence of His power in our lives.